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About Us

Sunset Stables is a small, family run facility where our animals live and grow in an environment that puts a strong emphasis on not only their physical well-being, but their emotional and social needs. Our corrals, pens and pastures ensures each animal has adequate space to interact with each other in a bonding and non-threatening manner. We strongly believe that animals need connections with humans and each other to live a full, well-rounded life. We strive to create this harmony on our property. Our services include animal boarding, horse camps for kids and space for small events. Regardless of your need, we will do our best to make it possible. We believe bringing animals, children and adults
together to learn from our similarities and differences is an experience that is essential for the understanding and respect needed to coexist.

Home: About Us


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Our facility houses (5) 20X20 stalls that allow for plenty of movement. In addition, we have (3) 10X20 stalls for smaller animals – miniature ponies, cattle, etc. All animals in the stalls are let out to pasture for a minimum of 6 hours a day. During this time, they are allowed to graze and interact with each other on an acre of green grass pasture. Additional amenities include, 2 feedings per day, fans in each stall, a washing station, an arena and a tack shed for storage.


Horse Camp for Kids

The honesty of animals and the innocence of children is a magical combination. In our horse camps children learn an appreciation for ranch life. We focus on the essentials of care and how to form bonds with animals that can be life changing. Camps are offered on Saturday mornings for children five and above in the months of October through May. They include horseback riding, animals care, crafts and so much more.


Small, quaint events

We understand that Sunset Stables has a so many special qualities that might be welcomed for your event. When you turn off on the dirt road, you are able to go back in time and breathe. We know that the simple life if just what some need to host a special event. The pasture surrounded by large trees and the animals set the backdrop for this very experience. Whether it is a birthday party, work event or yoga class our pasture can provide the place to have fun and/or experience serenity.

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